O'Dea Home
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802 Terry Ave ~ Seattle, 98104
Athletic Office: 206-624-2068

District Athletic Director: James Walker
Athletic Director: Monte Kohler
Athletic Secretary: Gabi Botello

Postponed Events (85)
The following events were previously postponed and are awaiting a new play date.

Varsity Boys Soccer Rough Rider jamboree 3/14/20
JV Baseball Mount Vernon Home 3/16/20
Varsity Baseball Mount Vernon Away 3/16/20
C-Team Baseball Bainbridge Home 3/17/20
Varsity Baseball Peninsula Home 3/17/20
JV Baseball Peninsula Away 3/17/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Bainbridge Away 3/17/20
JV Boys Soccer Bainbridge Home 3/17/20
JV Boys Tennis Ballard Home 3/19/20
JV Baseball South Kitsap Away 3/19/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Lincoln (Seattle) Home 3/19/20
JV Boys Soccer Lincoln (Seattle) Away 3/19/20
Varsity Boys Tennis Ballard Away 3/19/20
Varsity Baseball South Kitsap Home 3/19/20
C-Team Baseball Chief Sealth Away 3/20/20
Varsity Baseball Shorewood Away 3/21/20
JV Baseball Shorewood Away 3/21/20
JV Baseball Bainbridge Home 3/23/20
Varsity Baseball Bainbridge Away 3/23/20
Varsity Boys Soccer West Seattle Home 3/24/20
JV Boys Soccer West Seattle Away 3/24/20
C-Team Baseball Garfield Away 3/25/20
Varsity Boys Track Garfield Away 3/26/20
C-Team Baseball Ballard Away 3/26/20
Varsity Baseball Chief Sealth Away 3/26/20
JV Boys Tennis Lakeside Away 3/27/20
JV Baseball Chief Sealth Away 3/27/20
Varsity Boys Tennis Home 3/27/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Rainier Beach Away 3/27/20
JV Boys Tennis Bishop Blanchet Away 3/30/20
Varsity Baseball Lakeside Home 3/30/20
JV Baseball Lakeside Away 3/30/20
JV Boys Tennis Roosevelt Away 3/31/20
JV Boys Soccer Bishop Blanchet Home 3/31/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Bishop Blanchet Away 3/31/20
JV Baseball West Seattle Home 4/1/20
Varsity Baseball West Seattle Away 4/1/20
Varsity Boys Track Lakeside Away 4/2/20
JV Boys Soccer Ballard Home 4/2/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Ballard Away 4/2/20
Varsity Boys Tennis West Seattle Away 4/3/20
JV Boys Tennis West Seattle Home 4/3/20
Varsity Baseball Rainier Beach Home 4/3/20
C-Team Baseball Bainbridge Away 4/4/20
C-Team Baseball Bainbridge Away 4/4/20
JV Baseball Roosevelt Away 4/6/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Eastside Catholic Home 4/6/20
C-Team Baseball Roosevelt Home 4/6/20
Varsity Baseball Roosevelt Home 4/6/20
JV Boys Soccer Eastside Catholic Away 4/7/20
Varsity Boys Tennis Garfield Away 4/7/20
JV Boys Tennis Garfield Home 4/7/20
Varsity Boys Track Roosevelt Away 4/8/20
JV Baseball Nathan Hale Home 4/8/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Seattle Prep. Home 4/8/20
Varsity Boys Tennis Seattle Prep. Home 4/8/20
JV Boys Tennis Seattle Prep. Away 4/8/20
Varsity Baseball Nathan Hale Away 4/8/20
JV Boys Soccer Seattle Prep. Away 4/8/20
C-Team Baseball Ballard Away 4/9/20
JV Baseball Lincoln (Seattle) Away 4/13/20
Varsity Baseball Lincoln (Seattle) Home 4/13/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Ingraham Home 4/14/20
JV Boys Soccer Ingraham Away 4/14/20
JV Baseball Bishop Blanchet Away 4/15/20
Varsity Baseball Bishop Blanchet Home 4/15/20
JV Boys Soccer Roosevelt Home 4/16/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Roosevelt Away 4/16/20
JV Baseball Garfield Home 4/17/20
Varsity Baseball Garfield Away 4/17/20
C-Team Baseball Garfield Away 4/17/20
Varsity Baseball Cleveland Home 4/20/20
JV Boys Soccer Nathan Hale Home 4/20/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Nathan Hale Away 4/20/20
C-Team Baseball Garfield Home 4/21/20
Varsity Boys Tennis Bainbridge Away 4/22/20
JV Boys Tennis Bainbridge Home 4/22/20
Varsity Baseball Franklin Home 4/22/20
Varsity Boys Track Ballard Away 4/23/20
JV Baseball Seattle Prep. Home 4/24/20
Varsity Boys Tennis Ingraham Away 4/24/20
JV Boys Tennis Ingraham Home 4/24/20
Varsity Boys Soccer Garfield Away 4/24/20
JV Boys Soccer Garfield Home 4/24/20
Varsity Baseball Seattle Prep. Away 4/24/20
Postponed Events (85)
Missing Score (3)
The following events have been played, but no score has been reported.

Boys Tennis Bishop Blanchet Home 3/30/20
Boys Tennis Roosevelt Home 3/31/20
Boys Lacrosse Curtis Home 3/31/20
Missing Score (3)


Varsity Rainier Beach Home Banner 4:00 PM
  Postponed, new date to be determined

Boys Tennis
Varsity West Seattle Away LinlnPrk 3:30 PM
  Postponed, new date to be determined
JV West Seattle Home 3:30 PM
  Postponed, new date to be determined