Metro Slowpitch Softball
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3A2A/3A State Slowpitch Softball
2022 Metro Tournament
Oct 3, 2022 11:34 PM

Metro League Tournament

Metro Rules and Regulations
Oct 3, 2022 11:36 PM



  1. Batting helmets must be worn by batter, batter on deck, runners, and any student occupying a coaching box.
  2. Chest protectors, throat protectors, catcher masks and helmets, knee/shin guards are required for the catcher.

2) An unrestricted flight “optic yellow” – 44 12” COMP. 375 Max ball will be used in Metro League Softball.

3) Home team is designated as official scorer. The visiting team shall be responsible for verifying the score after each half inning.

4) Whenever possible, the use of double bases at 1st base is strongly encouraged, and safety bases at 2nd and 3rd are recommended.

5) Standard pitching distance for this age group is 46’. However, this can be modified if both teams agree to modification.

6) A “rover”/ Short Fielder or 10th defensive player will be allowed.

7) Teams may use one Extra Player (EP) per game provided it is made known and indicated in the lineup. The EP must remain in the same position in the batting lineup for the duration of the game. The EP may play defense at anytime without status being affected. The EP must be indicated when lineups are set; the EP can not be added later in the game.

8) If a player is injured, they will be removed from lineup without penalty. If the team has no available sub, the lineup will shrink as opposed to an automatic out occurring in the injured player’s lineup slot.

9) Any team receiving a player to have a legal lineup from the opposing team will forfeit the game. It will be recorded a 1-0 loss. However, teams are expected to still play the game.

10) 5 run limit per inning for the first 3 innings.

11) With doubleheader games, there will be a one hour and 15 minute drop dead time limit per game. Game reverts back to last completed inning if home team is behind. Days with a single game will be played without time limit.

*Mercy Rule: 10 run lead after 5 innings and the game is over.

12) A fouled third strike will be an out. (NFHS 4.6)


  1. Games postponed because of inclement weather shall be rescheduled for the first open date. The only valid reasons for not rescheduling at the first possible date is unavailability of umpires, transportation, or facilities. Saturday may be used as a make-up date if both schools agree.
  2. All contests that are called because of inclement weather before they are considered completed will be replayed from the beginning. A completed game is 3.5 innings if the home team is leading and 5 innings if the visiting team is leading.
  3. If a contest is tied after 5 innings or more, and is called, it will be continued from the point of suspension when the same two teams meet again, or on the first playable date if they aren’t scheduled to meet again.
  4. Mandatory 15 minute warm up per team.
  5. Batter on deck may use either warm-up batting circle (unless it is a safety issue).
  6. Tie-Breaker Procedure: Games can end in a tie


- Playoff games do not count in regular season max

- Please see Metro Tournament bracket for information